How Much Water Should You Drink Each Day and 5 Benefits From Keeping Track Of It

Over 50% of our body is comprised of water and it is vital to everything we do and our bodily functions. The sad truth is many people are really bad at drinking water so let’s find out why adding a water tracker to your life is going to help you stay hydrated and hit your goals.

If you use more water than you take in you are going to get dehydrated, simple as that, and since every function in your body needs water to operate properl, being dehydrated is no good. Let’s go over how much water you should be drinking and a few reasons why tracking it will benefit you.


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How does your body cool you off

Water is really good at helping our bodies regulate temperature. It’s great at transferring heat because water can take on a lot of heat before its temperature rises, so this makes it the perfect candidate for helping our body during this endeavor. Our blood moves heat away from our body parts like hands and feet when it’s attempting to conserve heat. Sweat or water vapor is another physiological response that our body goes through when regulating body temps.

Drinking water will help you lose weight

Don’t get it twisted, drinking a lot of water will actually help you immensely when embarking on a weight loss journey. For starters and sometimes overlooked, water has no fat content or calories! It is going to help you burn more calories by giving you a metabolic boost, and if you replace any sweet or bubbly calorie drink with water you’ll end up cutting out hundreds of calories daily which is a no-brainer when trying to drop a few pounds. Water is also a natural appetite suppressant, this works because water can take up space in the stomach which will send a signal to the brain saying you are full.

In a 2014 study, the participants experienced weight loss and reported appetite suppression after drinking just 2 cups of water at roughly 30 minutes before meals for 8 consecutive weeks.

Your skin will pop off

Our skin much like the rest of our body has a lot of water in it so being dehydrated will not do it any favors. You’ll get wrinkly and dry looking quicker if you don’t drink ample amounts of water. Water is going to help your skin clear up, look plump, and “fuller”. In addition, the main protein that is responsible for keeping your skin firm and elastic, collagen, needs water for it to do its job… sound familiar yet?!

You don’t want your skin being penetrated by foreign particles that could cause inflammation which is more likely to happen when it’s dry and cracking. In the same vein, drinking water can also help with any acne or blemishes for many reasons but one is helping with the balance of oil on the surface.

You need it to think

If you haven’t got the message yet let’s go over additional reasons how water helps your body function in critical tasks. The electrical signals that are fired all around your body to your cells in your muscles, eyes, and brain all need water so they can carry the tasks out! It’s said that any bit of dehydration can affect many aspects of your body and mind including your memory. If you lose fluid in your brain tissue your motor function skills also decline. That’s why it’s so important for you to take advantage of the Meta Nutritions water tracking app and avoid any bodily shortcomings you may face because of dehydration.

Water Can Improve Your Mood

Being in a bad mood or having a headache can be some simple signs that you may be dehydrated. There have been multiple studies conducted that showed the more water a participant consumed the better their energy levels, overall satisfaction, and mood were. It never hurts to drink a big glass of water any time you are starting to feel off, it won’t be the solution to all your problems but it could certainly help in many instances.

Water is essential for a fully functioning human body. It is required for all bodily tasks and you should listen to your body’s cures and make sure you drink lots of water!