Here’s What You Need to Do When You Really Don’t Want to Work Out.

You aren’t going to like it but I promise you it’s simple.

At any point, your motivation to workout can disappear, either because you got injured and needed to take it easy for a couple weeks, you got sick, or the desire just simply isn’t there (we’re all guilty of this one). There are ways to get around these feelings and deal with the lack of inspiration and motivation.



Even more than just doing it, you need to convince yourself that you truly have no choice. I know this sounds stupid or even possibly unhelpful but hear me out.

Working out and being dedicated to reaching your goals means that even when your initial flame runs out and you can’t coast on pure motivation that you still get up and do it because that’s how habits are formed and how you’ll really get to where you want to be.

The problem is when you skip one workout it becomes increasingly easier to convince yourself that skipping another one and another one is acceptable, and while it is okay to miss one here and there, you don’t want to start missing them every week. If you could trust yourself enough to actually just skip one and then get back on the horse right after that’s one thing but I think most of us know that pretty much isn’t going to happen. That’s why saying “JUST DO IT” means more than actually just doing it, it’s about keeping everything going because of the psychological effects it has on you!

Let’s be honest, many of us don’t ever feel like working out… EVER.

It’s okay to work out because you know you should and it’s good for you, no one’s asking that you fall in love with it, although that would make your goals a bit easier to hit.

When it comes to hitting your health goals, really any goal at that, sometimes it can’t just be purely based on how you are feeling that day or week or month. You need to remind yourself why you started, who you are doing this for, and what you want to accomplish in your life. It’s about self discipline and proving to yourself that you can get through the tough days to make it happen because your goals are important to you! This is going to require that you make difficult choices, sometimes daily, and finding the time and drive to make it to your workout.

In summary, JUST DO IT, you can’t let how you are feeling on one specific day or week be the ultimate decider on if you are going to accomplish your goals or not. It’s going to be tough but you will get through it and not only will you hit your targets but you’ll also come out of it with new healthy lifestyle habits and stronger willpower which will help you in all aspects of your life moving forwards.

You won’t be jumping for joy for those 30-90 minutes during your workout but it will bring you one step closer to fulfilling a goal you set out of accomplishing.

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