Workout Ideas For People Who Don’t Like Working Out

There are many services out there now that allow you to subscribe at a monthly rate and get unlimited online group workout class access which hosts a variety of different trainers who specialize in their own unique fields. If you aren’t ready to take the leap and do that, there is a treasure trove of free content on Youtube that you can look through for these classes too.

This means that you can try as many different activities as you want week after week, day after day until you land on one that you love (or bare minimum can tolerate).

Maybe you really aren’t interested in trying any of those types of workout classes and traditional weight lifting and gym are out. Well, we still have options so let’s explore a few!

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Swimming can be done in the ocean if you are near the coast, at a local community pool, private pools, the gym, etc… It’s an incredibly powerful full body workout, great for your heart, easy on your joints, helps you build endurance, and burns roughly 240 calories in 30 minutes of light swimming.


If you want to build some tree trunk legs look no further! I know that is extreme but there truly are many benefits from cycling. An added benefit is you can also go places while doing this activity. This exercise is easier on your legs than running would be, it feels less like a chore and workout because it can be very casual and you can set yourself up to bike in satisfying environments. With leisure biking, you can burn 120 calories in 30 minutes.


There are so many varying degrees of hikes you can go on and most likely you have some trails close to where you live. All you really need is a pair of hiking boots and anything else you’d like to bring for added pleasure, think a camera, book, podcast, etc… Granted you shouldn’t just run out there without making sure weather permits, but it’s one of the easiest non workout workouks to break into. Hiking for 30 minutes burns 180 calories.

These are just a few ideas that are some of the easiest to get started with and have a lot of value but there are many more out there. Give these a try and see if something sticks!


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