How to Bounce Back

You can fall 27 times but as long as you keep getting back up and end up on your feet you’re 1 step ahead of where you used to be.

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You’ve given yourself a goal and a specific time frame to achieve it, great, and so far you’ve done a pretty good job at keeping to your new dietary schedule. Today you’ve started off crushing it as always, you ate a super healthy breakfast, had a snack, and drank a bunch of water, perfect.

Lunch rolls around and thankfully you prepped on Sunday and all you need to do is reheat your meal which already fits your calorie and macro needs, awesome!

But… but then after your lunch break, your coworkers come back up with donuts, cookies, and brownies, your favorite! It’s totally fine and recommended that you let yourself enjoy your favorite foods and snacks but sometimes you let it go a touch too far. 1 brownie turns into 5 which turns into having a taste of the cookies and donuts too.

Where it becomes truly self-damaging is the mindset that creeps in after you have a few too many treats or fall off the wagon for the day, the thoughts of “well I’ve already messed up so may as well just enjoy and try again tomorrow”. The complete giving up on yourself for the day is what can cause long term issues when trying to hit your goals.

Again, it’s completely fine to eat your favorite food or have that snack you’ve been craving, nothing wrong with that but afterward, you don’t want to find yourself sitting around feeling bad about it because that isn’t going to help your case. Remember, this is all about balance and figuring out how to make the daily adjustments needed so that you can comfortably settle into your new lifestyle/habits.

Next time you’re enjoying a delicious brownie just remind yourself, that was awesome, who cares about a few extra calories, you’ve eaten 90% according to your plan today, you’ve been great, and now it’s time to get back on track and make sure you hit your dinner right.

The main key is to try and not mess up on two meals in a row. If you went off path for lunch make sure you get back on for dinner.

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