How to Stop Letting Your Weekend Break Your Diet

Most people experience setbacks or fail on their health and fitness goals right when the weekend rolls around. Setbacks are expected and okay and we don’t want you to feel bad about experiencing them. Remember, enjoy your weekend and it’s fine to have a good time as long as you get back on track on Monday.

Just because you are celebrating and enjoying yourself doesn’t mean that requires you to drown yourself in sugary drinks and snacks, or greasy foods. If you and your friends usually hit the bars on the weekend you’re most likely going to keep doing that. If you like going out to dinners or camping you’ll also most likely keep up with that. The point is forming new habits and breaking old ones aren’t easy, it’s going to take some work on your end BUT it doesn’t need to be miserable, it can actually be very exciting.

Start with small manageable changes and move from there.

Some ideas include:

  1. Instead of going to the bar try going to a live show where more of your focus with be on enjoying music and you’ll end up drinking less (hopefully).
  2. Try going to a different restaurant and switch up your order for something a bit healthier.
  3. Going to the movies isn’t bad as it stands but the snacks you consume while there can be, try bringing some alternatives like fruit or sugar free drinks.

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These are just a few simple idea swaps but the possibilities are endless. View this as something new and exciting and make some minor lifestyle changes to help accomplish your health and fitness goals.

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