Tips to Wake up Early and not Hate it

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My entire life I’ve hated waking up early (still kinda do) but over time I’ve found a few reasons to help me justify it and make the process much easier. Here are a few tips and personal anecdotes for helping the anti early birds

1) Sleep early so it’s easier to wake up early

It’s pretty obvious but the message still needs to be conveyed, if you go to bed earlier, 10-11pm instead of 1-2am, you can wake up between 6-7 am with ease. I’m sure a few of you reading this are already batting your eyes and we can have a discussion about what exactly is early but for now, 6-7 am is our target range.

Try and get any tasks you need to get done by 7-8 pm so you can hang around, watch tv, play on your phone, go to the gym, anything for a couple hours before heading to bed. One of the biggest things that kept me up in the past was the feeling of wanting to always be doing something, or missing out on things going on around me because I went to sleep early. Giving yourself a couple hours to have experience whatever you want that should help dampen that feeling. 

2) Do some morning prep the night before

Anything you have on repeat for your mornings can be started or get completely done the night before. This seems marginal but it can save you 20-30 minutes when you get up. Have your outfit ready, prep your lunch, have the coffee machine ready to go, and anything else.

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3) Find something that’ll make you excited to wake up for

This was a huge game changer for me and easily made some of the biggest differences, working out and my dog. We are all busy and responsibilities only add on as we grow older so to do some of the things we want to do and have time for the rest of our day we need to get up early to get them done, and that thing was surfing for me. In addition and more obviously, having something I needed to take care of that I can’t neglect no matter what keeps me faithful to getting up early. Find something that gets you excited and channel that into waking up early.

4) Make sure you are comfortable in your environment

If you are too cold in the morning, too hot, maybe it’s too noisey, anything that brings you out of your comfort zone then it’s going to make you more reluctant to actually get out of your comfortable bed. Make minor changes and find what works best for you so making the transition from bed to standing up isn’t going to take a major toll on you.


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