Franky Lost 140 lbs. Recommends Meta Nutrition

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Start weight: 310 lbs | Current weight: 170 lbs | Pounds lost: 140 lbs

How did you get started on your weight loss journey?

My weight loss journey began my freshman year of college. I gained close to 50 pounds due to the fact that food was always surrounding me. I found myself eating more and more everyday. What finally made me change my mind was a serious talk with my mom. She said since she was my mom she could tell me anything and told me that my weight had gotten out of control. I was aware of this, though, as everyday tasks became harder as each day passed. Going up the stairs to get to my dorm would leave tired and would pause to catch my breath. I would have to put a foot on my knee to tie my shoes because I could not bend over to tie them. That is when I knew I had to chance or else I would die extremely young.

How do you think the Meta Nutrition app can help people (or has helped you) during their weight loss journey?

The Meta Nutrition app is extremely helpful for anyone wanting to lose weight specially if they are starting off. Learning new recipes can be intimidating and complicated. The Meta Nutrition app makes recopies clear and easy to follow. This is crucial during a journey specially at the beginning as it can be easy to get discouraged quickly. In addition, the snack portion in the app has to be my favorite. I love snacking and I have been able to create cool and delicious snacks I would have never came up with myself!

What steps did you take to lose weight? and did you set yourself any goals during your journey?

At first, I did not know much. I just knew I had to stop eating. So that is what I did, I had no idea what a calorie was, I had no idea what a protein was, I just knew I had to eat less. So, that is exactly what I did. I would go to the dorm cafeteria and started by grabbing some sort of grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and a cup of fruit everyday. Then, decided to finally step into the campus rec center and get on the treadmill. My first mile was 14:57 minutes, a number I will never forget. I knew that if I did this everyday I would change. So the steps were eating healthier and getting working out everyday. My main goal during my journey was getting the weight off, and being healthier. Meta Nutrition can really help with staying on track with that.

How do you feel now that you lost weight, compared to when you first started?

My weight loss was not the healthiest, I certainly wished I had looked more into macronutrients and micronutrients. Nonetheless, I am still proud of what I accomplished. I have so much more energy, I get excited to cook, and the most important part, I can live my life. That being, no struggles that an obese kid went through everyday.

What tips or recommendations do you have for people that are struggling to lose weight or to get started on their health journey?

The main tip is always to just get started and Meta Nutrition is great as a starting point. Nobody is always 100% sure of something when they go into it, just as I wasn’t. There is no need to wait for tomorrow, or next week, it starts when you decide you want to change. Another tip, is to look into the nutrition side of things and to at least skim what most things mean. Furthermore, not going cold turkey on things you love. For example, if you are eating out with your family have something you would enjoy, in moderation of course.

“It starts when you decide you want to change”

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