How Shelly Overcame Her Anxiety And Lost 300lbs – Recommends Meta Nutrition

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Starting: 445lbs, Current: 164lbs (lowest 145), it took 6 years for me to lose 300lbs.

How did you get started on your weight loss journey?

Late 2013. After a lifetime of failed attempts to lose weight on my own, I decided to get the professional help that I needed. My doctors told me it was literally life or death, and if I didn’t make drastic changes now I wouldn’t live to see 35.

How do you think the Meta Nutrition app can help people (or has helped you) during their weight loss journey?

Meta Nutrition makes sticking to your food plan simple and fun! The meal plan generator with a shopping list created for you is the cherry on top. Having my groceries for the week planned for me allows me to focus more on my workouts and hydration.

What steps did you take to lose weight? and did you set yourself any goals during your journey?

I had gastric bypass surgery, changed my diet completely to vegetarian (Meta Nutrition has tons of vegetarian meal plans) started weightlifting 4x week & took up running with my husband. And lots of WATER!

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How do you feel now that you lost weight, compared to when you first started?

I feel very proud of myself. I feel healthy, strong, and capable. Finally achieving my fitness goals has boosted my confidence in every arena of life.

What tips or recommendations do you have for people that are struggling to lose weight or to get started on their health journey?

My advice for those struggling to get started or stay consistent with their health journey would be to address any and all emotional and mental roadblocks BEFORE diving head first into the physical aspects. For me personally, I was not able to stop my excessive eating — even after weight loss surgery — until I dealt with the underlying anxiety that was causing me to eat for emotional comfort.

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