Rosa Lost 120 lbs. Says Meta Nutrition can assist with staying consistent

Start weight: 280 lbs | Current weight: 160 lbs | Pounds lost: 120 lbs

How did you get started on your weight loss journey?

I started my weight loss journey in December 2018. I decided to start my weight loss journey because I was unhappy with my body and started experiencing health issues due to me being almost 300lbs.

How do you think the Meta Nutrition app can help people (or has helped you) during their weight loss journey?

The Meta Nutrition app can help people set daily caloric goals and also monitor what they are eating. The app gives recipes for different types of eating styles to help easily understand how to prepare meals and portion sizes. You can also track your progress on a daily basis which can assist with consistency.

What steps did you take to lose weight? and did you set yourself any goals during your journey?

To lose weight, I developed a routine and stayed consistent. I started exercising daily and I cut out fast/processed foods which Meta Nutrition can do automatically with their meal plans. Of course, I wanted to the lose weight on my body but more importantly, improving my health was my main goal.

How do you feel now that you lost weight, compared to when you first started?

I feel most proud of the discipline I’ve developed from going on my weight loss journey. I also physically feel better in regards to my health and physical fitness.

What tips or recommendations do you have for people that are struggling to lose weight or to get started on their health journey?

Staying consistent and being disciplined is the key to any goal you want to achieve.

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