6 Simple Health Tips for Everyday Life

Written by: Jennifer McGregor

Are you trying to start exercising, eat a healthier diet, or practice mindfulness? If so, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed as you aim to change up your usual routines. But you can adopt healthy habits without stress! For instance, apps like Meta Nutrition can help you plan nutritious and tasty meals ahead of time, reducing your screen time gives you more time to work out, and simply drinking more water can have a huge impact on your wellbeing! By following these health tips, you’ll be able to transform your life without additional stress.

Use a Fitness Tracker

Maybe you’ve invested in workout equipment like weights and a weight bench or sneakers and yoga pants. But what if you’re still struggling to find the motivation to exercise regularly? A fitness tracker or smartwatch will allow you to track your progress, and when you see how far you’ve come, you’ll be committed to continuously improving. While it’s not mandatory, wearing a smartwatch can record your activity and even help you stay safe while exercising. For instance, if you wear the Apple Watch SE, you’ll have fall detection and emergency SOS functions.

Try Pre-Workout Supplements

Is there anything else you can do to enhance your workouts? Absolutely! From listening to a great playlist to creating a comfortable workout space in your home, you can make exercising feel enjoyable. In addition, you may want to consider trying a pre-workout supplement to boost your energy and improve your overall performance.

If you’re a woman, keep in mind that you should look for pre-workout supplements that are intended for increasing your energy and endurance rather than “bulking up.” Before consuming these supplements, check in with your doctor.

Master Meal Planning

When it comes to cooking, do you tend to just wing it throughout the week? Maybe you usually end up ordering takeout most of the time because you didn’t plan accordingly, or you find yourself making mediocre dishes because you rarely have all of the ingredients and spices you need on hand. Meal planning takes time, and if you feel like you never know what to make, it’s understandable. Thankfully, there are virtual tools that can help you create your weekly menu with little effort.

With the meal planning and nutrition tracking tool Meta Nutrition, you can easily create personalized meal plans based on your dietary preferences. Every recommended meal requires only simple preparation techniques, and you’ll never have to worry about going over your daily calorie goals. Plus, recommendations are backed by registered dietitians so you can feel confident in your dietary choices.

Reduce Screen Time

Many of us do not even realize how much time we spend looking at screens all day. Although smartphones and laptops are basically necessities in our fast-paced society, reducing your screen time can help you become healthier overall.

Not only does turning off your phone for a few hours free up time to work out, cook, or meditate, powering down your devices an hour or two before you go to bed can help you get a good night’s sleep. Healthline states that the blue light from screens disrupts the production of melatonin in our bodies, causing us to stay up later rather than getting tired as it gets darker outside. Therefore, shutting down your screens before bed can help you feel more energized the next day.

Drink More Water

It’s easy to become dehydrated without realizing it. Perhaps you already know that you should be drinking more water, but as you go through your day, hydration slips your mind. But it’s relatively easy to “trick” yourself into drinking more water. Huffington Post recommends drinking one glass of water for every cup of coffee you consume, adding more spice to your meals so that you naturally reach for water. Even adding extra ice to your morning smoothies count.

Meditate Daily

What if you’re just as concerned with your mental health as you are with your physical health? You may want to start meditating. Meditating is a great way to get centered, relax, and let go of your worries. If you’re wondering how to begin meditating and make sure that you stick to this routine, it’s best to commit to sitting in silence for only a few minutes each day at first. Trying to stay still and focus on your breath for an hour can leave you feeling bored and irritated if you’re not used to it. Over time, you’ll adjust to longer meditation sessions.

If you’re aiming to overhaul your lifestyle to improve your health, keeping things simple is the best approach. You don’t need to make drastic changes overnight. Instead, focus on including these habits in your routines to see a difference. Don’t forget to use the many tools available to you, including the Meta Nutrition app. Sign up and start creating your free meal plan now.

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