The Evolutionary Relationship Between Fitness and Technology

Written by: Ranier Castillo, RD, Certified Personal Trainer

Using modern technology in the world of fitness has been a slow burner. However, during these times where gyms are shut down, people having more free time and looking for ways to stay fit, it is clear that technology is a popular trend in 2020. According to the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2020 by the American College of Sports Medicine, wearable technology is the trend that is predicted to take over.

With many jobs consist of sitting down for long hours and the average adult having difficulties making time for their health, technology is a great aid and resource to give that extra push on your wellness journey. Every person and their fitness goals are different so it may take some time to find what type of technology can help you. Take a look at these hot trends to see what may work for you:

Virtual Classes

Zoom came out of nowhere during this pandemic. Luckily, it has helped with almost every working field such as schools, white collared jobs, and even gyms! Zoom is a free and easily downloadable app that many gyms and coaches are using to work with their clients. Some even say this is the future of fitness classes and personal training. Some gyms have also developed their own virtual classes such as 24 Hour Fitness with their 24GO app.

It is evident that fitness centers and trainers have adapted to all types of virtual training in order to stay afloat. So, if you’re trying to see which virtual class is right for you, don’t be afraid to do your research and look around. Start with local facilities that are considered small businesses to help contribute to the economy. If you decide to choose a larger chain facility, that is alright too, as long as it will help with your fitness journey.


There may be times where virtual classes may not fit in your schedule or you may not be ready to commit your time and money. That is where apps are a great solution to help continue your fitness journey. Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, apps are accessible to anybody with a smart device. Even celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth are hopping on the fitness app trend by creating his own.

Just by browsing the different apps, you can find various types of physical activities. There are apps for Yoga, Running, High-Intensity Interval Training, and many more. The best part is that some of these apps are FREE! Apps such as Nike Training Club and Yoga for Beginners are a great start to see if this type of technology that will help reach your fitness goals. There will be some apps that will cost a one-time fee or a monthly subscription but luckily, most have a free trial period where you can see if it is right for you! You have no worries to play around and try downloading as many apps as you can until the right app speaks to you. Have fun!

Hardware and Technology

Fitbit became a pioneer in the field of fitness and wearable technology. It was one of the first pieces of metal that tracked your activities from how many steps you walked to how much sleep you are getting. Other tech companies knew that this was a market that they needed dive into. So products such as the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch launched not too far behind FitBit. Depending on which fitness tracker you decide to buy, they might be priced at a higher end. However, it can be a great investment for your health in the long-run. These fitness trackers can notify you how active you are doing throughout the day and even tell you to get up and move when it notices you’ve been sitting down for too long. It is like having a personal coach right there on your wrist!

Scales that just tell you your weight is a thing of the past. Weight is no longer a great sole indicator of your health since weight fluctuates up and down throughout the day and cannot determine how much of the weight is coming from fat, muscles, or water. That is why scales such as Qardio are a more accurate way of figuring out your body composition. When you step on a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) scale, it will send a mini-electrical current (Don’t worry, you won’t feel anything) through your leg to the other. This type of analysis can calculate your body fat percentage and muscle percentage.

Technology Fitness and Nutrition

Overall, there are many options of physical activity you can use but, let’s not forget about nutrition too. You can optimize your Technology Fitness by using Meta Nutrition! There are so many areas of technology that can help boost your exercise level, but Meta Nutrition is unique. It is easy to look up what the proper ways of healthy eating look like but some people may have trouble on figuring out where to start or what is right for them. Meta Nutrition will already do that for you by choosing your meals and calculating your nutrient needs. So when putting together technology, exercise, and nutrition, you will have the opportunity to reach your goals. Don’t get left behind and keep up with the latest!

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