Top 5 Workout Apps For Consumers & Businesses

Written by: Antonette Molopa

Health is a fundamental aspect of each of our lives. We’ll keep running back to it because it reaps great rewards not only for our physical forms but for our entire being as well. And at Meta Nutrition, that’s what we strive to do. We aim to provide more than just healthy meals and diet plans but to also serve as a bridge to a more sustained and healthy lifestyle.

Although we seek to maximize health and nutrition in the most convenient way for all kinds of people, we realize the importance of fitness and wellness. So, below are some of the workout apps that we like and that have been successful with their exercising and workout plans.


The personal training or coaching software provided by TrueCoach is the perfect option if you like a more hands-on approach in your business. This software solution is presented through a website platform and the TrueCoach app, offering affordable prices for coaches. It is successful in assisting coaches to be more at the frontline of their business while taking care of the more technical stuff and promised quality services to clients. Personalization is equipped for each brand or business to work according to their preferences with nutrition trackers and enabled coach-to-client communication for 1-on-1 services while providing so much more.


MindBody aims to empower and advance growth within the Health and Fitness industry and like TrueCoach, the MindBody app is a platform for coaches, spas, swimming schools, and yoga studios that eases the business side of things through an all-in-one software solution. Within the app are exciting features that can be set by each business or brand according to their preferences like personalized emails, reminders, notifications, and promotions for their clients.

The app also makes online bookings, scheduling, and interactions between clients and coaches relatively effortless. Through the MindBody Connect App, potential clients can get access to different businesses, brands, or coaches that are available, making it easier for businesses to acquire new clients. Progress can be monitored on the app with different, exciting features. If preferred, clients can also utilize the website platform.

My PT Hub

With over 7,500 exercises and 60,000 nutrition plans available, My PT Hub provides quality, comprehensive services and manageable, effortless businesses for coaches and their clients. This particular platform enables coaches to track the progress of their clients, along with their workouts, diet and nutrition plans, and activity, all without any internet connection. Online booking, scheduling, blood pressure, and heart rate tests are all available on the app.


For easier business management, the Glofox app also offers an all-in-one software solution that assists coaches, personal trainers, and other brands in the health and fitness industry. Within the app are features that assist with online scheduling, payments, products, preferred memberships and progress, engagement, client retention which can all be monitored and managed. Of course, the app can be customized by each business and their desires, making it easier for coaches to connect with their clients.


Pike13 is the perfect fit for brands or businesses that have a number of branches or offices. With an app and a website platform, coaches and personal trainers have the business side of things managed for them conveniently. The Pike13 platform has got online scheduling, workshops, virtual classes with monitored progress, client attendance, client profiles, and processed payments on the app and website.

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